Essential conference information

Location and directions

The conference will take place at Selwyn College, Grange Road, Cambridge CB3 9DQ. Selwyn College is available by taxi or bus from the Cambridge Rail Station. Please see Venue for details on getting to the College. A map is also available on the last page of the Programme.

Once you have arrived at Selwyn, please make your way to the Porter’s Lodge. The porters will be able to direct you to the New SCR for the welcome drinks (or your accommodation if arriving earlier). Please click here for an interactive map of the relevant locations around College:


The conference will commence at 5pm on Monday 27th with a drinks reception at the New SCR, Selwyn College. You will be able to register by collecting your name tag and materials at the drinks reception, or alternatively between 8:30  – 9:30am on Tuesday morning, ahead of the day’s schedule.

Please note the first session will start at 9.30am on Tuesday 28th, and 9.00am on Wednesday 29th. Please arrive at the Diamond Room early to allow the day to commence on time.


Please find attached the final programme here.

Powerpoint slides

Please bring powerpoint slides or electronic materials on a USB drive. Presenters are asked to arrive at their session at least 15 minutes before the session start in order to upload these to the laptop. 

Please remember that each session will last for 90 minutes, including 20 minutes per presenter and 10 minutes for general questions. Each presenter will have 15 minutes to present and 5 minutes for individual questions.


The pre-paid dinner will take place in the Selwyn College formal hall. Please note that formal attire is not required; smart or business casual will be sufficient. Please do not forget that dietary requirements are required by 12 noon this Friday 24th (UK time).


For those with pre-booked accommodation at Selwyn College, check-in will be possible from 2pm onwards. Please go to the Selwyn College Porter’s Lodge to check in. Please see  or the map on the last page of the programme for directions.

Phone number for emergencies

If at any time during the conference any participant gets lost or needs help, please contact the Selwyn College Porters on  (+44) (0) 1223 335846.

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